Beyond Buoyancy is Edmonton’s luxury floating spa, offering float and massage therapy, reflexology and more. Owners Wanda Parks, Lyse Hayes, Donna Oselies and Alanna Stachniuk invite you to take a break from our frantic world and enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. One float with Beyond Buoyancy and you will be recharged, rested and ready to face the world with renewed energy.

The brand for Beyond Buoyancy is cool and sleek, with a bit of drama. The primary goal of the design is for the viewer to feel immersed in the floating experience—to have a sensory experience through the website. The brand is also very striking and unique compared to competitor sites. The overall look and feel is modern and elegant, balancing depth and freshness with the use of colours and photography.


“Working with Janelle has been a delightful experience. She was prompt, available, easy going, quick to reply and very knowledgeable. Janelle was able to quickly connect with our vision, making it truly beautiful.”