The Journey

A Guided, Explorative, Intimate and Supportive Partnership

At its heart, building a brand is an opportunity to create the career and lifestyle of your dreams. One that’s sustainable, resilient, adaptable, ethical, successful and deeply fulfilling—while holding space for everything you hold near and dear.

We start with the discovery phase: revealing your passion (what makes you feel on fire), your purpose (how you use your passion to make the world a better place), and your power (those unique-to-you qualities that make working with you so damn magical).

Our goal is to align your business and your life to fully serve your passion, purpose and power—and vice versa! Building your work-life balance right into the core of your brand so that you can be successful, enjoy the good things in life, and explore your full potential as a citizen of this world. It’s a lofty goal, but we promise there’s no woo here. Having a clear and concise understanding of the vision and values that drive you simplifies this building process—by giving you an ethics and outcome-based strategic design and marketing guide.


From Choosing Colour Palettes to Popping the Champagne!
Initial Consultation

We’re going to dive deep into who you are, what you do, and how you do it. We want to know what brings your clients to you and what keeps them coming back. We’ll discuss your business goals and how our team can help you achieve them. We’ll prepare a custom quote, and once you’ve approved it, we’re ready to get started!

Creating Your Brand

We’ll start with the design of your core brand elements: the logo, fonts and colour palette. Once we’ve perfected a beautiful, authentic brand that you absolutely love, we’ll move on to your other branding collateral. This includes photography, graphics, social media styling, stationery, brochures, posters, etc.

Designing Your Website

Using your brand and goals as our guide, we’ll design your website. You’ll receive mockups and outlines of how the look and layout support your business goals.  Feedback is welcome at each stage, and we’ll work on it until you’re totally in love. After the final design approval, we’ll be ready to build!

Building + Testing

We’ll begin building your website in a private staging environment, either on our own server or your hosting account. This phase takes between 4-6 weeks, then your website will be available for online testing! This stage of the building process allows us to make the site absolutely perfect before we go live.

The Money, Honey

After our consultation and quote approval, we’ll send you a contract, invoice and payment schedule. Your first payment will hold your spot in our schedule and cover the initial design phase. Your final payment will be required after the site has been developed and tested, and we’ve prepared the site to go-live readiness.

Popping the Champagne

Time to pop the cork and celebrate—you’ve got a beautiful new brand and website! We’ll set up a training session in the first few weeks, so you can learn how to update your own site. We’ll take care of anything that needs to be done between the launch and your training, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy!

The Promise

A Collaborative, Intuitive + Strategic Design Process

You’ll get so much more than just a beautiful brand or website out of our time together. From day one, we’re on a journey to the centre of your calling. While we explore, you’ll start to see yourself in a new light. Every step we take brings you closer to realizing the raw truth of what you’re capable of—your full potential. We’ll achieve this with an intentional, in-depth Client Journey that will provide you with tools, systems, strategies and support to encourage long-term growth and success.

The core purpose of the Bloom + Brilliance Client Journey is to draw out what’s special, what’s powerful about you–and present it to you in a clear, concise way. With branded tools and guided strategy, the Journey helps you recognize your capacity to build, serve or lead your clients and your community.

From start to finish, we use collaborative and transparent work processes. Our team believes that your involvement is integral, and that each project is a true partnership. With our design education and experience and your industry expertise, backed by research and a dose of intuition, we’ll create your vision in a fully fleshed-out form.

From discovery to destination, we’ll be your guide, your cheerleader and your visionary. And at the end, you’ll have a brand system that captures the essence of your business, a clear strategy to propel you forward—and support that’s in it for the long haul.