Nikyla Interiors is a staging and décor company. The passion and energy owner Nikyla Hladio brings will transform your home into what you always dreamed.

The primary focus of this branding was highlighting Nikyla’s energy, while still maintaining a sense of experience and professionalism. A light and minimally colour palette of sky blues and greys, a clean, crisp font and simplistic icons serve as a friendly and stylish backdrop for her work.



Why Nikyla  working with me
“Janelle made me feel so comfortable with the entire process, from beginning to end. She took the time to understand exactly how I felt about my business and brought that through to the branding 100%. She was timely and accurate and really listened to my ideas and concerns about all aspects of my project. Not only that, but she is positive and easy to work with and made me all the more excited with my business ideas and prospects.
Nikyla Hladio, Nikyla Design