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I use a collaborative and intuitive design process to capture the heart of your business and connect you with clients you’ll love to serve.

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Your Polished Aesthetic: Branding + Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-01-28T19:21:39+00:00
Nirvana Face + Body: Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-01-28T19:31:48+00:00
French Accent: Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-02-05T04:59:22+00:00
Purely Ally: Branding + Responsive Website Blog Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-02-08T23:21:31+00:00
Deborah Feyerick: Branding + Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg Manitoba2019-01-28T19:23:36+00:00
Third + Bird: Branding + Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-01-29T22:18:57+00:00
Bliss Bridal Boutique: Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2019-01-28T19:47:47+00:00

Featured Testimonials

Why entrepreneurs  working with me

“My experience working with Janelle was great from start to finish. Janelle took the time to truly get a sense of the design aesthetic I was hoping to convey through my website.  She also anticipated my future business needs and provided valuable guidance in that regard. She is very enjoyable to work with and is always willing to answer my questions, which is much appreciated! Janelle is extremely talented at what she does and totally captured my vision for my website. I have already received a lot of compliments regarding the design.

I will definitely look to Janelle for future design requirements and branding needs. I recommend Janelle to others with complete confidence.”

Sarah Colatruglio | Tutta la Vita, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“There are many reasons why I have and would recommend you, but the most important is because you care. You cared about me. You took the time to listen to my story and my vision so you could understand who I was and where I wanted to go. Understanding the services I offered and the benefits so you could create the beautiful website that is my heart, soul, and truth and helping me get that message out into the world. I loved our connection. You captured who I was, what I can do, what I can offer and it is all there on the website. It is all me on those beautiful pages.

As a coach, I know the value of trust, honesty, support, encouragement, and understanding in a relationship. You provided all these to me.

You made my vision a reality. Thank you for being a part of my journey.”

Brenda Parkin | Life, Wellness + Spirit Coach, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The thing I enjoyed most about working with Janelle was the ease. I find it difficult to express the creative waves in my brain into something that another person could actually understand and she just got it. Also her patience, I think my ideas were all over the place and she guided me into realizing what it was I actually wanted. It’s scary to tell someone about your wildest hopes and dreams and Janelle made me feel like I wasn’t crazy and I felt very supported and encouraged.

Working with Janelle is like finding a mad scientist who is ready to get down and dirty with your creative brain waves. She is not intimidating and very easy to brainstorm with. She transformed my mess of non-design-like jargon into a beautiful seamless piece of art. As a brand new company, you really have to trust a designer with your vision and Janelle she really just lets you be you. I can see how my goals and ideas were really transformed by her amazing skill to understand her clients.

The amount of people that have told me, “I googled sugaring and went to every place’s website and Nude’s was the only one that was professional, beautiful and comforting”, shows how much the website paid off and was beneficial to my overall business. I could say a million wonderful things about her work ethic and eagerness to bring your vision to life, but truly her work speaks for itself.”

Lindsey Peterson | Nude Sugar Bar, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“As soon as I discussed the feeling that I wanted to achieve for my site, Janelle got exactly what I was trying to achieve… and more! Her excitement was contagious and made the job fun, even though I know nothing about computers or design.

Janelle is so easy to work with and amazing at what she does. It was a very light, fun and stress-free process with results that are so amazing I couldn’t even dream them.

She and I have been very close friends for a very long time which made me nervous. They say don’t mix business with pleasure for a reason. But now that we’ve worked together, I would never have it any other way. I love how my site turned out, and that’s all because of Janelle. She has the ability of recognizing someone’s dream and helping them achieve it. Thank you, Janelle, for not only recognizing my dream, but for pushing me and helping me make it happen. It’s going to be a long road and I’m happy you’re with me for the ride.”

Stephanie Good | Good as Gold Living, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Janelle made me feel so comfortable with the entire process, from beginning to end. She took the time to understand exactly how I felt about my business and brought that through to the branding 100%. She was timely and accurate and really listened to my ideas and concerns about all aspects of my project. Not only that, but she is positive and easy to work with and made me all the more excited with my business ideas and prospects.

She took my small hopes of a website and created something I am so proud to show my clients.”

Nikyla Hladio | Nikyla Design, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Finding a web design company was a very long and difficult process. When I first started meeting with prospective web designers, I was very disappointed with them. They would either not get back to me or they provided me a cookie cutter proposal that did not incorporate my ideas. At times I felt that I might not be able to find a company that offered a reasonable price and would listen and incorporate my needs.

However, after our first meeting, I knew that Bloom + Brilliance was a perfect fit – not only did you listen to me but you understood and were able to decipher my long-winded ramblings about what I was looking for. You never made me feel uncomfortable or stupid when I asked a dumb question for the 10th time. Working with Bloom + Brilliance was a positive experience. Your easygoing way of working was refreshing! I love the fact that you offer a training session and support once the website is complete. I now feel confident now to manage my site, add and remove images, edit my content and add new pages. Your work did not disappoint. I am thrilled with the completed site and believe it will help me to reach my clients. Thank you for helping me take this important step in my journey as a small business owner!

You are a hard-working self-starter, Janelle, and understood exactly what I wanted from the outset. You were able to get the work done quickly and effectively and within the budget!


Ann Brascoupe | Pebbles + Twiggs First Nations HR Solutions, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“A friend recommended Janelle’s services to me, and I am very pleased with my decision to have her develop the website for SMAK DAB. With my business just starting up, it was crucial for her to develop my brand and how I wanted my company to be portrayed. She did just that beautifully! Not only was she prompt to answer emails with inquiries, but she was patient with my different ideas and changes to the website.

I am thrilled to have her as my ‘web girl’!”

Carly Minish | Smak Dab Gourmet Mustard, Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“You are an extremely creative person and your expertise is amazing.  We loved the final outcome and you were always willing to help with any issues we may have experienced.  You are so relaxed, easy to reach and very friendly. We feel fortunate to have met you.

We would recommend you to others, because what you say you’ll do, you complete, and you’re reasonably priced as well!”

Charmaign Derksen | Ashgrove Acres, Branding + Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“First of all, you came highly recommended, then I discovered your website and loved your work. You sat down in person with me and calmed all my nerves. Everything from the first email with questions and our meetings really sold me.

I was blown away by the stunning website you created. Based on the final product I could tell you really listened to what I wanted! You really took the time to get to know me and my business to create a one-of-a-kind website. You can tell this is your passion and you were worth every penny!

I would happily recommend you as I feel a website is the first thing a lot of people see about your business and you create professional, easy-to-navigate websites.

Having a professional website has taken my business to the next level!”

Amy Lovegrove | Simply Adorable Photography, Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“You are a talented lady! I enjoy the prompt responses to all my questions and the time you took to insure I understood the process. I also appreciate the ongoing support I have received from you after the fact. Knowing I can reach out to you is great. I am thrilled with my new website and logo.”

Melanie Parent | Melanie Parent Events, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“We came to Janelle to help come up with some ideas for refreshing part of our website. While we had a bit of idea of what we wanted, we needed help with the layout and creativity element. Janelle was enthusiastic, prompt and easy to work with. The contract, service, and quote were very straight forward with no surprises. Thanks again Janelle, can’t wait to work with you again.”

Ashley + Jason | Ashley Nicole Photography, Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

>“At least once a month I say to my husband; “I’m so glad I found Janelle.” She is professional, timely and produces a great product. She was willing to take my suggestions and revamp my website into something I absolutely love. Although my questions must drive her nuts sometimes, she never lets on and I thank her for that. It makes it safe for me to keep asking and learning.

I would recommend Janelle to because she has time and time again given me something that I connect with and love. Whether it’s with the website, the graphics or any help I need, she constantly delivers.”

Joleen Dilk-Salyn | Baby Sleep 101, Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Working with Janelle has been a delightful experience. She was prompt, available, easy going, quick to reply and very knowledgeable. Janelle was able to quickly connect with our vision, making it truly beautiful.”

Wanda Parks | Beyond Buoyancy, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“The internet design and implementation field are completely foreign to me. Thankfully I have Janelle to rely on to put my vision for my business into a wonderfully beautiful, functional website! I enjoy the rapport we have built together: I can send quick, sometimes cryptic messages and she is quick to reply and help me. She also works well with my team! I recommend Janelle because of her accessibility and keen design eye.”

Andrea Nair | Connect Four Parenting, Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Janelle was an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is she extremely gifted in the creative and technical aspects of web design, but she takes the time to understand and appreciate your brand and needs in order to best communicate with your audience.

She is very receptive to feedback to ensure that her work aligns with your vision. I would highly recommend her.”

Jessica Melore | Motivational Speaker, Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

“Janelle was an absolutely awesome designer to work with! While we had a general sense of what our brand should be, Janelle was able to refine our vision and bring it to life. Blending an art deco style with modern flair, she created a brand for our company that was at once historic while also new and exciting.

Best of all, she was very accommodating as we figured out what shape our brand would take, both incorporating our ideas and building on them to provide a finished product that has been complimented by customers and industry partners alike!”

Benjamin Gilles | Winnipeg Trolley Company, Branding + Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba