Janelle Desrosiers

Founder + Creative Director of Bloom + Brilliance

Taanishi, bonjour, hello!

My name is Janelle Desrosiers, and I’m a Michif (Red River Métis) and French-Canadian, two-spirit woman from Treaty 1 Territory in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My Michif family names are Vermette and Richard, and my Franco-Manitoban family names are Dugas, Desrosiers, Manaigre, and Tougas. My relations come from southeastern Manitoba (Richer, Ste. Genevieve, Ste. Anne).

There are many reasons why I love working with other Indigenous and intersectional feminist entrepreneurs and community leaders. The primary reason is that we know our gifts are meant to be cultivated so that the fruits of our labour can be shared.

We work hard at cultivating our gifts, but not just for ourselves.

We ask “how can I cultivate my gifts to make the world a better place?”

We seek ways that our cultivated gifts can bring joy, or wellness, or safety, or stability, or opportunity to others. We honour our gifts by investing in ourselves, our families, our communities, and ultimately in our world. Self-actualization in the service of the collective.

Getting to gather with a group of women, and seeing how many incredible things are happening in this world because of their cultivation and actualization is breathtaking. I’m so grateful to witness this magic, and so honoured to be able to use my own gifts to serve others.

Career Summary

Branding, Website Design + Strategy for
Intersectional + Indigenous Feminist Entrepreneurs, Community Leaders + Organizations

Janelle is the founder of Bloom + Brilliance, an intersectional and Indigenous feminist-led branding and web design studio. A born entrepreneur and naturally creative, she specializes in helping feminist business owners, community leaders and organizations focus on growth and impact with branding, website design and strategy.

Janelle brings an intuitive, collaborative and passionate touch to brand and web design services. Her in-depth approach reflects her values of relationship building, community spirit, and positive impact. As your brand partner, she believes that your vision and involvement are integral to the success of your projects. With her impressive ability to capture and refine your vision, Janelle develops effective and impactful brands and websites to help you create meaningful connections, increase awareness and encourage engagement.

Along with over 18 years of experience in visual and new media, Janelle’s extensive project management experience includes design, restructuring and adaptation for various levels of both the private and public sectors. Janelle has worked with a diverse client base, local, national, and international; corporate, non-profit, government and Indigenous organizations; small business owners and entrepreneurs. She has long been a supporter of progressive movements and social justice.

Notable Projects

Feminist Entrepreneurship

And How Bloom + Brilliance Operates within a Feminist Framework

As a feminist, a woman, a member of the Manitoba Métis and LGBTQ2+ communities, and a business owner, I believe that entrepreneurship can be a force for social change. Learn more about what feminist entrepreneurship means to me, and how feminist principles guide my business.

What’s in a name?

Two of my favourite words

Bloom (n.)

A time of beauty, freshness and vigor; an opening to higher perfection.

Brilliance (n.)

The quality of great radiance, exceptional wit, talent & intelligence.

My Journey

From Side Business to Full-time Studio