About the Project

Claire Johnston


Claire Johnston actively uses their beadwork art to practice their sovereignty as a Métis person. They want to be a strong carrier of Métis knowledge and share that with folks looking to heal by learning to bead themselves or to wear their creations. They are connected to their ancestors through the patterns they use in their beadwork and are heavily rooted in community.

Claire Johnston wanted a logo that was a bit rough around the edges and reflected the qualities that they value. They sent over script written by their Father, which is the typography used in the logo. They wanted to use some of their floral patterns for the website design, so Leticia Spence pulled a floral that caught her eye in the inspiration photos they sent into the wordmark.

They also wanted their logo to be Cheyenne Pink as they are very connected to this colour and feel it best represents their brand.

The Team

Project Management: Jay Fulmore

Creative Direction: Janelle Desrosiers

Brand Design: Janelle Desrosiers, Leticia Spence