Custom Branding + Website Design Prices

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting your entrepreneurial journey, you know the value of investing early and getting things set up for success! Bloom + Brilliance packages are built to support long-term growth by including:

  • Essential market research and strategic planning
  • Year-round maintenance and support services
  • Branding, stationery, packaging and other collateral options
  • Industry-specialized copywriting
  • …and a fully custom website!

All intentionally designed to help you connect with clients you’ll love to serve, and build communities you were born to lead.


Branding + Website Package

With the Signature Brand + Website Package, you’ll get:

  • An 8-page website
  • A beautifully designed wordmark suite
  • Choice of 3 brand elements, like stationery + social graphics
  • Colour + typography palette + brand style guide
  • Website copy written for your industry and brand voice
  • Website audit + strategy session
  • A year of website updates + maintenance

Why Carolyn loved her
Signature Experience

“I love working with Janelle. It was really the best decision for my business and for me, as a new entrepreneur. I bought out an existing business and before I rebranded, I was so embarrassed to hand out business cards or send people to the website. I needed someone who had the expertise to develop a brand that actually reflected the services I provide and who I am as a person. Janelle is that someone!

Everything was direct and easy, and she went above and beyond. She not only created my logo, but helped me come up with a name for my business, set up my social media, and all the technological stuff that I didn’t know much about. People are finding me online, and my brand has even been connecting with new and younger markets.

Investing in my business this way made sense. I wanted something timeless that would set me up for success from the start. And now I have a brand and website that I’m proud of.”

– Carolyn Weiss
Meridian Chiropractic + Health Centre

Investment: $8,000+ | Timeline: 8 Weeks
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Branding + Ecommerce Website Package

With the Premium Brand + Ecommerce Website Package, you’ll get:

  • A 10-page website with Ecommerce integration
  • A beautifully designed logo suite
  • Choice of 6 brand elements, like stationery + social graphics
  • Colour + typography palette + brand style guide
  • Website copy written for your industry and brand voice
  • Website audit + strategy session
  • A year of website updates + maintenance

Why Carissa loved her
Premium Experience

“When I first saw the website that Janelle created for me, I literally screamed with joy! I was so excited because it was so beautiful, so sophisticated, so lush, so gorgeous, so unique—I mean, this website is just the sexiest thing. It really up-levelled my entire online presence. My clients say to me “I found you through YouTube, but when I went to your website, that’s when I really knew you were legit.”

And it was more than just a website. It was an entire visual brand. The coaching site, the membership site, the colour palette, the fonts—there’s even a style bible so that everything is consistent.

My income doubled in the first 12 months that I had my new website! I went from making $30,000 to $60,000 a year. It’s so wonderful to have a brand that actually matches the quality of the work that I do and the results that my clients get. I get to show up in the world now in a much bigger way—and I couldn’t be happier.”

– Carisa Montooth
Love Coach + Energy Healer

Investment: $12,000+ | Timeline: 12 Weeks
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Have a tight budget?

(And an even tighter timeline)

You’re launching your brand new business, so time and money are at a premium! Save the fancy letterpress business cards for later—all you need to get your business off the ground right now are the essentials. A simple yet striking wordmark, a colour palette that sets the tone of your brand, and a one-page website that connects with your target market.

With the Essential Brand + Website Package, you’ll get:

  • A beautifully designed wordmark
  • A custom colour palette with codes for print and web
  • All the print, web and font files you’ll ever need!
  • A custom-designed, one-page website—loaded with features like banners, galleries, testimonials, custom forms, social media and email marketing integration, and much more.

PLUS: The Essential Package includes custom training videos and a month of support after go-live, as well as an intro to SEO to help with your search engine rankings!

Investment: $4,000+ | Timeline: 4 Weeks
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Website Features

All Bloom + Brilliance Website Packages Include:
1. Custom Website Design

Each website we build is designed specifically to reflect and enhance your business. As we design your website, we focus on its layout, functionality and overall appearance. These factors are based on:

  • Your brand
  • Your business goals
  • Your target audience
  • Current web design standards
2. Domain, Hosting and Email Set-Up

Leave the fun stuff to us! We set up your domain and hosting and configure your email addresses so you don’t have to worry about the technical side.

3. Built-In Content Management

Update your site quickly and easily! All Bloom + Brilliance websites are built with WordPress: a leading CMS that allows you to add photos, text and other content to your site whenever you need.

4. Website Training

Bloom + Brilliance website packages include one-on-one training and a custom training video library. During your training sessions, we’ll show you how to update your site and maximize its value.

5. Intro to SEO

Not only does your custom website come with an SEO feature installed, but we also provide you with an intro on how to use it to improve your search engine rankings. A basic overview of how SEO works, along with effective strategies, will help you stay competitive.

6. Responsive Website Design

We design and build your website to work fluidly and look great across all devices and screen sizes—including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

7. Extra Website Features

Each website package includes stock photo research time, photo editing, social media and email marketing integration, and much more.

More Than Just a Pretty Website…

Functional, Feature Rich + Fully-Loaded

Your website will be custom designed and built to enhance your brand and business—inside and out. Based on your goals, we’ll identify key engagement opportunities during our audit and planning sessions, and create a custom strategic guide to guide our design and marketing. Bloom + Brilliance packages are loaded with features like social media and email marketing integration, custom forms, testimonials, banners, galleries and much more. Additional options include e-commerce solutions like gift cards, subscriptions, membership platforms and full online shops. And, of course, your site will be mobile responsive, which means it’ll work beautifully across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Packages also include a custom training video library and a year of support after launch, as well as an intro to SEO to help with your search engine rankings!