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Why Intersectional + Indigenous Feminist Entrepreneurs  Working With Us

“Janelle has been a cornerstone in my business journey and an asset to my growth since day one.

Not only designing me the perfect logo and website, and when I was ready, the sexier and more mature rebrand we did in 2018, but she also pushed me to explore what is most important to me. Her feminist principles, which underline the core ethos in her business, encouraged me to channel my own feminist values into my business as well.

By doing this I was able to better attract the clientele that would benefit most from working with me, and that I would enjoy working with. She helped to push me to value myself and my skill level and charge what I’m worth, which has helped my business grow and begin to flourish.

I look forward to working with Janelle as she helps to channel my strengths in the most positive direction while I begin the next part of my entrepreneurial adventure.”

Alaina Partridge, Your Polished Aesthetic