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Project Description

From an early age Stephanie Good loved watching the ritual of being a woman. Getting dressed, the hair, the makeup, the glitz and glamour. Her love for fashion and beauty grew as she started experimenting with her own style, mix and matching beloved vintage accessories with gorgeous modern fashions. She saw that high end fashion looks didn’t have to drain your bank and that you could look fierce and stylish without looking like you walked off the pages of a magazine.

That’s one of the many reasons she started her blog, to share and inspire other women on not only fashion, but home decor, health, relationships and motherhood.

We wanted Stephanie’s brand to reflect her personal style, so we used a blend of feminine and chic elements and colours that exude warmth, sophistication and charm.

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“As soon as I discussed the feeling that I wanted to achieve for my site, Janelle got exactly what I was trying to achieve… and more! Her excitement was contagious and made the job fun, even though I know nothing about computers or design.

Janelle is so easy to work with and amazing at what she does. It was a very light, fun and stress-free process with results that are so amazing I couldn’t even dream them.

She and I have been very close friends for a very long time which made me nervous. They say don’t mix business with pleasure for a reason. But now that we’ve worked together, I would never have it any other way. I love how my site turned out, and that’s all because of Janelle. She has the ability of recognizing someone’s dream and helping them achieve it. Thank you, Janelle, for not only recognizing my dream, but for pushing me and helping me make it happen. It’s going to be a long road and I’m happy you’re with me for the ride.”

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