It’s no wonder that SMAK DAB’s founder, Carly Minish, ended up in the food industry. With a nutritionist for a grandmother, and a foodie for a mother, her family’s life evolved around food. Whether it was a fish fry by the lakeside, hunting with her father, making pickles and jam, combining with her grandfather, or picking crab apples with her grandmother; food had substance. Food felt natural, comforting, and most importantly like home. It was an obvious choice to follow a career path where she could express her passion for food and its nourishment of the soul. Thus, her journey began…

Carly creates unique and delicious mustards, created with local ingredients and featuring seasonal flavours. The look and feel of her brand is inspired by classic restaurant style: black chalkboards, butcher block, crisp white linens—with just a hint of mustard yellow!


Why Carly  working with me

“I was recommended Janelle’s services from a friend, and I am very pleased with my decision to have her develop my SMAK DAB website. With my business just starting up, it was crucial for her to develop my brand and how I wanted my company to be portrayed. She did just that beautifully! Not only was she prompt to answer emails with inquiries, but she was patient with my different ideas and changes to the website.”

Carly Minish, Smak Dab Foods