Winnipeg Web Design and Branding, Responsive Website Design for Carisa Montooth in Winnipeg, Manitoba


Why Intersectional + Indigenous Feminist Entrepreneurs  Working With Us

Feminist Entrepreneur Carisa Montooth
“When I first saw the website that Janelle created for me, I literally screamed with joy! I was so excited because it was so beautiful, so sophisticated, so lush, so gorgeous, so unique—I mean, this website is just the sexiest thing. It really up-levelled my entire online presence. My clients say to me “I found you through YouTube, but when I went to your website, that’s when I really knew you were legit.”

And it was more than just a website. It was an entire visual brand. The coaching site, the membership site, the colour palette, the fonts—there’s even a style bible so that everything is consistent.

My income doubled in the first 12 months that I had my new website. I went from making $30,000 to $60,000 a year. It’s wonderful to have a brand that actually matches the quality of the work that I do and the results that my clients get.

I get to show up now in the world in a bigger way—and I couldn’t be happier.”