As a brand and web designer, I’ve witnessed the paths of many women entrepreneurs. They’ve been remarkably similar—regardless of age, industry, experience, etc. These women start out excited and just the tiniest bit terrified. But their passion and enthusiasm carries them over the initial self-doubt.

Then, I eventually see these brilliant women step back. Sometimes it’s because of a lack of confidence. A fear of failing. The feeling of being an imposter.

But mostly, it’s because something else needs their full attention.

Our side hustles just can’t win when they’re up against conflicting priorities such as family, friends and work. We’re expected to handle it all, and then create time for ourselves out of nothing. And even if we had the time, we don’t have the energy! We’re exhausted from the relentlessness of care-taking.

The reality is that women need real support from their partners and village. They need encouragement and understanding. They need their commitment to their goals to be seen as a worthwhile pursuit. Women are still largely tasked with household management, as well as childcare and caring after aging parents. Instead of making women feel like we just need to keep trying harder, other people need to step in.

Women Entrepreneurs Were Not Born to Play a Supporting Role

As a brand and web designer, I help women entrepreneurs nourish their whole selves. Our goal is to balance the work of their daily lives with the work of building their dreams.

I have personally experienced the pressure to keep my dreams small and hidden. I’ve known the regret of spending years neglecting my own dreams. And not for anything important, or worthwhile. Just to play a supporting role for someone else. This experience has inspired me to look for ways that I can help other women re-centre themselves in their own lives.

Women have incredible reserves of courage, creativity, spirit, compassion, strength and innovation. By channeling their powerful blend of gifts, women are able to effect positive change on both individual and global scales. This extraordinary combination of heart and drive is what I look for in my clients. My hope is for women to realize that when they are truly fulfilled, their brilliance lights up the world around them.

Bloom + Brilliance’s Mission

I started Bloom + Brilliance with one purpose: to remind women that their dreams are vital and that they are powerful. Their aspirations deserve just as much nurturing and attention as the other commitments in their lives.

Why women entrepreneurs? Because our dreams are brilliant. Our dreams are non-negotiable.

More about Women Entrepreneurs

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