As a business founded by a feminist, a woman, a member of the Manitoba Métis and LGBTQ2+ communities, we believe in:

  • contributing to an inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy
  • paying contractors and vendors fair rates and living wages
  • prioritizing work-life balance for ourselves, our clients, and any contractors and vendors we work with
  • offering accessible and inclusive pricing and payment options for services and products provided, without extra fees or interest
  • ethical sales practices (no hard sell, shaming or “pain-point” tactics)
  • practicing generosity with financial support and pro-bono services for charities, non-profits and organizations that share similar values
  • leveraging our experience, knowledge and skills to support communities, organizations and businesses that share similar values
  • acknowledging how privilege has shaped our own lived experiences
  • expanding the definition of success to include metrics other than financial wealth and conspicuous consumption
  • the principle of abundance (there is enough for all of us) versus the myth of scarcity that patriarchal capitalism relies on
  • the processes of Indigenization, Decolonization and Reconciliation
  • supporting political movements that promote: gender and racial equity, robust solutions to poverty and homelessness, expanding public services, protecting our natural resources, investing in sustainable and environmentally-conscious initiatives, making higher education accessible to all, and more.
  • mixing the personal with the political with business

For more information and resources on Entrepreneurial Feminism (and a list of fantastic organizations for feminist entrepreneurs!), check out our post: Helping Women Thrive: A Feminist Framework for Entrepreneurship.