How do I find the best website designer or brand developer?

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Like a lot of things, this question is relative!

Every professional has different specialties, work processes, and ways of connecting with their clients. As the client, you’re the one who decides how much value each of those elements have.

Are you looking for a team that’s creative, passionate, caring, motivating and dependable? Do you want

Does Bloom + Brilliance offer discounts?

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We sure do! Bloom + Brilliance loves to support all feminist business owners, and especially those facing more than the usual entrepreneurial obstacles.

If you are a BIWOC, a member of the LGBTQ2+ community, or a young entrepreneur (under the age of 30), please contact us for our preferred rates.


How about payment plans?

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We all work with budgets, and it can be frustrating to compromise your vision because of dollars and cents. That’s why we offer payment plans for clients whose dreams are a little bigger than their pocketbook. As part of our feminist operating principles, we do not charge any extra fees

What is Feminist Entrepreneurship?

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There are various themes and interpretations, but at its core Feminist Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of gender equality through entrepreneurial ventures that are founded on ethical and intersectional feminist principles.

“Entrepreneurial feminism, developed from social feminism, is a theory that explains how feminist values are enacted through

How does Bloom + Brilliance operate within a feminist framework?

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As a business founded by a feminist, a woman, a member of the Manitoba Métis and LGBTQ2+ communities, we believe in:

  • contributing to an inclusive, equitable and sustainable economy
  • paying contractors and vendors fair rates and living wages
  • prioritizing work-life balance for ourselves, our clients, and any contractors and vendors