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I’m Janelle.

Website Designer and Brand Stylist

The face, brains and muscle behind Bloom + Brilliance

Ever since I set up my very first lemonade stand, I have been passionate about entrepreneurship. I took over our driveway with a table built out of sawhorses and a sheet of plywood, taped up a hand drawn sign… and I fell completely and utterly in love. With my best friend and little brother as my sidekicks, I came up with idea after idea: setting up a store in a treehouse, selling handmade goodies door-to-door to our very good-natured neighbours, creating our own board game, etc, etc. Even as a child, I loved the creativity, the freedom and the energy that came with starting and running my own business. I loved dreaming up my next big thing, putting it all together and watching that dream come to life. My sidekicks would tell you I also really loved being the boss!

Winnipeg Website Designer

Now, as a designer, I love getting to help other people build their own dreams. I love helping my clients create a vision, work out a plan and launch their business. That I get to share in that energy and excitement over and over again. And that I get to work with clients who—like me—are creative, passionate and motivated.

I’m based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (the heart of the Canadian prairies!) and I work with entrepreneurs at all stages from all over the world. My amazing clients come from as far as Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne—and as close to home as Brandon, Steinbach and even my own neighbourhood. I work with stay-at-home-moms, women working to turn their side hustle into a career, and those looking to bring their established business to the next level.

If you have a dream for your life’s work, I want to help you build it.

So you want to be your own boss?

Let’s Talk Entrepreneurship

I sat down with Winnipeg photographer and fellow entrepreneur Teri Hofford for her Tuesday Tub Talks to discuss the journey of working for yourself!

We chatted about my own journey as a freelance Winnipeg website designer developing a full-time web design studio and some of the struggles and successes that await entrepreneurs. Bonus: we discuss how cultivating an authentic and unique personal brand gives you an edge in business.

Winnipeg Website Designer and Brand Consultant Janelle Desrosiers

What’s in a name?

Two of my favourite words

 Bloom (n.)

A time of beauty, freshness and vigor; an opening to higher perfection.

Brilliance (n.)

The quality of great radiance, exceptional wit, talent & intelligence.

How I Work

From start to finish, I use hands-on, collaborative and transparent work processes. I believe that my client’s vision and involvement are integral to the success of our projects. I strive to make our experience an opportunity for incredible learning and growth for us both.

To enable a fluid workflow and keep projects on track, at the outset of each project I prepare our schedule and assign tasks to each member of our combined team. This gives all involved a general overview of the work to be done, a clear picture of who is responsible for which task and helps maximize productivity while minimizing delays.

During our creative period, I use worksheets, our background and education in our fields, current research and a healthy dose of gut instinct to deliver your vision in a fully fleshed-out form. Once we’ve got things perfected and finalized, I use your vendor of choice to provide the quality product you need. The final step of all our projects is the wrap-up interview, where I ask for feedback on the quality of work, the experience I provided, what services or products you’d like to see from me in the future and what’s next on your horizon!

The Journey

From Choosing Colour Palettes to Popping the Champagne!
1. Initial Consultation

We’re going to talk about who you are, what you do, how you do it. I want to know what sets you apart, what brings your clients to you and what keeps your clients coming back. We’ll talk about your target market and your current customer base. We’ll also discuss your business goals and how I can help you achieve them. We’ll talk specifics about logos, websites, social media, blogs, merchandise, packaging, displays, etc.

I’ll send your quote and projected timeline the same day of our meeting. Once you’ve reviewed and approved the quote, we’re ready to move forward!

2. Preparing Your Website Content

After our initial discussion, you will provide me your brand elements, such as logo/wordmark, colours, font palette, a photographic/graphic style, as well as examples of other promotional materials you may have, such as business cards, brochures, posters, etc. You won’t need to have your content finalized before the design phase, but the process will be much more efficient if I have a general idea of the amount and topics of information.

3. Designing Your Website

With the materials provided and based on what we’ve discussed, I’ll work on the design and layout of your project. Within 7-14 days, the first proof will be sent to you with an outline explaining the look and feel. I look forward to my client’s feedback and welcome suggestions regarding any aspect of the design!

After any suggestions you’ve made have been addressed, and you are satisfied with the design and layout of the project, you will approve the design. Once this approval is given, I’ll get started on the development of your website, putting together your social media profiles or ordering your stationery!

4. Website Development + Testing

The basic structure of your website will be available for online testing between 2-6 weeks after design approval (depending on the scope of the project). You will be able to use the website just like any other! The test website will be set up privately either on my own server or with your hosting account of choice, which means that the site is not visible to the public and the link will only be available to you. This process gives us the opportunity to catch any glitches or make any changes required before we go live.

5. What About the Money, Honey?

After our initial consultation and quote approval, I will send you a contract and invoice with a payment schedule. Depending on the project turnaround time, the total will be divided in either 2 or 3 equal payments.

Your first payment will be required before I begin the design phase. This deposit covers the development of a project plan, the assessment of your current brand elements and the design of your project (including revisions). Once the design files have been submitted to you, this initial deposit becomes non-refundable.

Your final payment will be required after the site has been developed and tested, and I’ve prepared the site to go-live readiness. Upon receipt of that payment, your site will be transferred over to you and launched!

Need more info?

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Winnipeg Website Designer + Brand Consultant Janelle Desrosiers