Bloom + Brilliance's Feminist + Indigenous Operations Manager, Lee Mae Spence

Leigh-Ann Mick

Designer + Client Manager

Leigh-Ann’s passion for people and pep talks shines through in her role as Client Manager. She loves talking with clients to help them discover what makes them so special. She always brings the fun into any call and leaves clients feeling understood and with tons of support.

And because she’s so multi-talented, she is also a brilliant web designer. She is a self-proclaimed colour-addict who loves finding the right hues to express a business’ individuality. She is a crafter with an eye for taking something ordinary and turning it into something uniquely magical and memorable.

LA loves the small-town feeling her Transcona home provides. She is fascinated by trains, loves watching Seinfeld with her husband, and quite frankly, nothing beats a good burrito in her books.

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