Project Description

Baby Sleep 101 was created out of a passion to support parents who are struggling with their baby or toddler sleep issues. They are Manitoba’s only Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant from the Family Sleep Institute and help parents with children ages 0-5 years of age. They work with different parenting styles and teach parents the tools that will help them get their child’s sleep back on track.

We created this soft and calming website design for Winnipeg client Baby Sleep 101, using classic baby pinks and blues, and adorable, chubby-cheeked babies!


Why Joleen  working with me

“At least once a month I say to my husband; “I’m so glad I found Janelle.” She is professional, timely and produces a great product. She was willing to take my suggestions and revamp my website into something I absolutely love. Although my questions must drive her nuts sometimes, she never lets on and I thank her for that. It makes it safe for me to keep asking and learning.

I would recommend Janelle to because she has time and time again given me something that I connect with and love. Whether it’s with the website, the graphics or any help I need, she constantly delivers.”

Joleen Dilk-Salyn | Baby Sleep 101, Responsive Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba