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Project Description

Nyco Rudolph is a Winnipeg-based illustrator with a penchant for Prohibition-era gangsters, bears, dinosaurs and the absurd. When he’s not at his drawing desk, he’s on the road bringing his special flavour of art to the Canadian masses: an eclectic mix of propaganda style, anthropomorphic animals, old school 3D and film noir.

We took inspiration from his love of film noir to design a sharp and striking brand that would serve as a backdrop for his artwork—for both his convention displays and his ecommerce website. A combination of a high contrast colour palette of black and white, art deco styled fonts, wood textures, and his signature brick wall pattern create a look that’s bold, masculine with just the right mix of grit and class.

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Why entrepreneurs  working with me

“You may think I’m biased because she’s my fiancée, but if anything I think I serve as living proof of what this woman is capable of!

We started dating in July of 2012, and by that winter we got down to the root of who I was as an artist and how I wanted people to think of me and my work. Jump to October 2013, where I debuted my new display and brand at Winnipeg’s Central Canada Comic Con. I had amazing new business cards, signage and quite frankly, an entirely new direction.

When most people think of me and my art, they don’t consider how vital Janelle was (and still is) to creating the image I project. The aesthetic and humour have always lived in me, but I had no idea how to harness them visually or project them to an audience. Janelle didn’t just build me a website or design my business cards. She taught me confidence in myself and the joy of levelling up, not only as an artist or entrepreneur, but as a human being.

No matter what sort of business you’re in, working with Janelle from will forever change the way you think about yourself and your work. Any entrepreneur who’s serious about upping their game needs to get in touch with this insanely talented woman.”

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