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Why Intersectional + Indigenous Feminist Entrepreneurs  Working With Us

Alexandra Baillie David winnipeg women feminist entrepreneurs web design branding
“I was looking for positive client service and a cohesive design that made sense to me. Got both! I knew Janelle was the right woman for the job not just because of her talent, but because of her big personality. I appreciate an entrepreneur who’s real and no BS.

Janelle exceed my expectations by designing a unique brand that captures the organic, natural essence of my business. Somehow she knew just what I was looking for, through intuition and skill. Everybody LOVES my branding. The soft sage green and grey really resonates with people and told me that’s how I stand out in my industry.

Janelle keeps it real and provide authentic client service. She cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to help them. She’s passionate about helping female entrepreneurs.”

Alexandra Baillie-David, Marry On Weddings