About the Project

Ethan Bear

Connection Through Culture, Knowledge and Leadership

Ethan Bear seeks to cultivate positive change within the community by raising awareness through education and hockey. He is taking steps to empower Indigenous people through direct action by advocating for us in spaces where our voices are seldom heard. Ethan’s goal is to remove any barriers Indigenous youth may face when playing hockey by tackling racism and discrimination within the sport. He hopes that they can achieve their dreams without having to experience hate.

Our goal with the Ethan Bear brand is to reflect and honour this love, care, and respect for his culture and his people with a logo that can speak to their hearts. As it is important for Ethan Bear to have a logo that can reach out and connect with his people when they look at it, the logo is created in the Woodland School of Art style, which emphasizes symmetry and connectedness. The bear is transparent; you can see the organs and bones that make up this creature.

We chose this style to emphasize that Ethan Bear comes from a place of love and honesty with his advocacy. The bear is embracing the split circle, which is made up of tipis, to symbolize both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and that, though they may be different, they can exist harmoniously with each other through knowledge and respect.

The Team

Project Management: Jay Fulmore

Creative Direction: Janelle Desrosiers, Leticia Spence

Brand Design: Leticia Spence