About the Project


We Love Bulldogs

It starts with the love of bulldogs: pure adoration for these spunky pups and their unique personalities. The logo lets those personalities shine through with a crisp and clean illustration style subtly inspired by Indigenous Northwest art, such as formline. With this, we give a nod to founder Janet Dillon’s Indigenous culture, ancestry and residence in the Puyallup Nation.

Drawing from the lush colours of the Pacific Northwest, the ComfortaBull brand palette incorporates the tones of the lakes, woods, mountains and skies—from the darkest blue to mountain mist and the deep gold of the woods. To carry through the friendly, hip and open vibes of the logo, we’ve paired it with a round and modern font with a slight art deco influence. As an accent font, we’ve chosen a stylish and feminine script that maintains the openness and legibility of the main sans-serif font.

Finishing with a flourish, we’ve brought in a touch of sophistication with a deep gold foil appliqué to elevate this cute and cozy brand with some high-end class.

The Team

Project Management: Jay Fulmore

Creative Direction: Janelle Desrosiers, Pamela Desplenter

Brand Design: Pamela Desplenter