Carisa Montooth

Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Carisa Montooth: Branding + Website Design in Winnipeg, Manitoba2018-08-18T22:22:33+00:00

Project Description

Carisa Montooth is a dating and relationship coach, energy worker and all-around bombshell! Her clients rave about her amazing relationship services, but her previous branding and website didn’t reflect her level of professionalism, or her ravishing personality. With Timothi Jane Graham of, we created a deep, sexy, soulful brand using rich tones of red, dark berry, rose gold and champagne, a striking and layered font palette, stunning photography and put it all together in a romantic and alluring look reminiscent of high fashion magazines.

Included in Carisa’s website is a custom blog area, with bold titles and graphics, as well as custom service profiles, with compelling calls-to-action and highly-detailed designs. Her site also features a paid, content-protected, members-only area, which has been customized with deeper colours to signify to the visitor that they’ve entered an exclusive area. We designed custom icons for her funnel pages, graphics for her social media profiles and email marketing service, and much, much more to round out a perfectly cohesive visual identity.