Julia Aitken

Brand + Web Design

Julia’s brings a unique combination of creative expertise in branding, digital, web and online community design with over 20+years in strategic consulting to the B+B team. Her heart-centered passion is in working with and serving female-led organizations and entrepreneurs to confidently moving forward with programs, services and initiatives that deliver meaningful impact, transformative change and results at the individual and community levels.

Through intentional and thoughtful design, Julia works together with clients to develop authentic and refined brand visuals, social media suites and web designs that authentically communicate their story, demonstrate their value and help their business or organization move forward with confidence.

Julia’s creative knowledge and skills are complimented by over 20+ years of professional experience as a strategic consultant working in the areas of research, evaluation, change management, governance, and business process improvement. In this capacity, she has worked collaboratively with, and for, a diverse range of private, public, and not-for-profit clients to review and redefine programs and initiatives that support personal and professional development, public health and economic equity. Key groups include girls, women, youth, Indigenous, Métis and Inuit, LGBTQ2+, persons with disabilities, and newcomers to Canada.

Other initiatives she is passionate about and has worked in include diversity and inclusion, gender and racial equality, Indigenous Reconciliation, and advocacy for environmentally conscious and sustainable resource practices. The nature of her passions, intersection of values and diverse experience and skillset along with the desire for impact and transformative change enhances the B+B client experience while contributing its mission and vision and that of the clients we serve.