Bloom + Brilliance's Feminist + Indigenous Operations Manager, Lee Mae Spence

Alaina Partridge

Operations Manager

Alaina is our Operations Manager here at Bloom + Brilliance. She keeps us connected and running smoothly which is no small feat. She is incredibly dynamic in her skill-set, knowledge, and experiences. She is currently leading the internal development of our feminist values.

She wants all people to feel welcome and included. She hopes to leave people feeling understood, heard, supported, and confident that she can support their needs and help them reach their goals. She is motivated when she knows she is being relied upon by other folks. Alaina is revved up by anything or anyone who falls outside of the “norm.”

She is constantly inspired by other feminist business owners and people taking up space in the sex-positive, sex education, and antiracist communities. As a polyamorous and queer woman, she is driven to learn more about how to create welcoming intersectional spaces. In her free time, she loves hot baths, good books, and bad puns.

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